The valleys are calling in covid-19

The lockdown imposed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused considerable upset for people both in their personal and daily lives, with the restrictions highlighting the importance of access both to green spaces, to family and the broader community. For many in communities across the South Wales area, the phased lifting of our freedom of movement has not come a moment too soon.

As freedom of movement is slowly reintroduced, the Discovery Gateways in the Valleys Regional Park have begun to welcome locals and visitors to their sites and country parks. To ensure the safety of locals, visitors and the individuals working within the Valleys, the Discovery Gateways are actively encouraging them to sensibly apply the current COVID-19 guidance as advised in their area and observe on site signage or instructions.

People enjoying green spaces and/or facilities are requested to: remain socially distanced at least 2m apart from one another unless from the same household or combined household bubbles; wash and or sanitise hands often; stifle coughs or sneezes in the crook of an arm; avoid shaking hands or touching the face; and wear a mask in areas where social distancing cannot be carried out effectively (such as on public transport). People who have recently returned from a high risk area or who are experiencing any of the following: a raised temperature, loss of taste or smell or continuous cough are encouraged to self isolate at home.

Here is the latest Welsh Government COVID-19 guidance.

In response to the phased restrictions and in order to maintain appropriate health and safety measures, each Discovery Gateway is opening to different degrees depending on their facilities and numbers of staff available. Please link to each Discovery Gateway website via the Discovery Gateway pages to see when they are open and to what degree. We recommend you check in frequently as access can be increased or decreased with short notice due to Government changes in the response to the pandemic. Further information can also be found on the Valleys Regional Park social media channels @lovethevalleys as well as on the social media channels of each Discovery Gateways.

Stay safe everyone!

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