Support VRP Enterprises

Keep the £ local

Across our Valleys, we believe in doing all we can to get behind small and medium businesses that’s why we promote the ‘keep it local’ and ‘save your high street’ initiatives.

Pounds spent in The Valleys on locally produced goods and services help to keep the money in The Valleys, which then helps local businesses (and their families) survive. When more of us shop local, small businesses such as specialist food and drink retailers providing locally sourced produce, see an increase in trade. This is something we should all promote.
Your business can support VRP community enterprises by visiting our park for outdoor meetings, or you can increase productivity by booking team building away days or meeting in our cafes and accessing their Wi-Fi.

Keep the £ social

There is also a thriving enterprise community in the park already. Many community enterprises sell goods and services like any other businesses but they also have a commitment to:

  • help the community
  • benefit their staff
  • or do more for the environment

Our business priorities are:

  • Community energy schemes
  • Community food growing and distribution
  • Community land management
  • ‘Green’ wellbeing and mental health care
  • ‘Green’ training opportunities

So, if you’re a community enterprise in Valleys Regional Park get in touch.

What’s more did you know that support is available especially for you if you are a voluntary group, charity or social business?

Click here to explore options using Funder Finder

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