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VRP news

Catch up with the latest news from the team and our partners across our Valleys.

Green social prescribing: what it is, why we should care and how it’s impacting the people of the Valleys

Green social prescribing is a mental health and wellbeing initiative which helps individuals connect to non-medical services and activities in the great outdoors — and last year, more people in the South Wales Valleys than ever took part.

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A new chapter in the story of the South Wales Valleys

Since the Valleys Regional Park partnership was established in 2020, the collective efforts of individuals and organisations across the South Wales Valleys has brought a wave of positive change — socially, economically, and environmentally. 

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Valleys Regional Park – Partnership event

On 6th of July, we hosted an event at Redhouse Cymru in Merthyr Tydfil — to celebrate the achievements of the VRP partnership; recognise the roles our partners play in delivering our ambitions for the Valleys; and look ahead to a greener, healthier future in the South Wales Valleys.  

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