VRP for nature

Love the valleys landscape

There’s no question about it – the landscape of The Valleys is breathtakingly magnificent and it is quite remarkable that nature is reclaiming the landscape from the scars of heavy industry which once dominated the region.

We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such beauty: rolling hills, rocky outcrops, summer meadows, boggy marshland and brooding forests, South Wales has it all! And it’s not just the land; abundant wildlife from bugs and birds, to reptiles, amphibians and mammals, all play their part in the fascinating, life-supporting ecosystem of the restored Valleys landscape.

Our Discovery Gateways are ideal bases to really get to know the lay of the land and diverse range of creatures that live on it, for the curious, for families or even for nature enthusiasts alike!

And we all need to do all we can to continue to help restore and protect The Valleys. You can do your bit too!

As a community we need to: connect more children and teens with the natural environment; educate people about the delicate balance and the importance of looking after nature and wildlife; get more people outdoors to experience nature at its best; and actively help to protect it by volunteering at one of our country parks or nature reserves. Or browse Dewis Cymru to find volunteering groups to join.

At Valleys Regional Park we are working with local councils, voluntary groups and individuals to boost everyone’s knowledge on how we can take care of our Valleys. We are taking steps to ensure the park is a place where animals and plants can thrive well into the future.

Nature can’t do it alone but with all of us focused on protecting our wildlife, we can leave a living legacy for generations to come!

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