VRP for exercise

Healthy landscape healthy people

As the landscape of The Valleys recovers and becomes green once more, it supports the health and wellbeing of our communities and visitors. The land provides the clean air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and gives us endless opportunities to increase our fitness and challenge ourselves in the beautiful, rugged terrain.

Whether you’re completely into fitness, new to exercise or would simply like to increase your mobility, the Discovery Gateways in our Valleys offer a range of facilities and activities to help you as you move towards your goals.

There are kilometres of trails to be ridden, acres of fields to be crossed and fathoms of lakes to be paddled. So much so, that you can jog, climb, canoe, sprint, play and swim to your heart’s content!

Terrain can be as challenging as you choose – explore miles of meandering paths through flat meadows and moorland, shade or shelter from the elements in amongst the woodlands, get out on the lakes or river for waterborne activities, or climb near vertical routes over rough terrain with breath-taking views the reward at the top.

Family activities are on the rise and did you know that most of our Discovery Gateways offer bicycle trails and parking, with some also offering bikes to hire if you don’t have your own. Organised regular fitness classes also take place outdoors throughout our Valleys at a number of our sites, from yoga classes, to tennis, to park running. Browse Dewis Cymru to find like-minded groups to join.

Simply taking a walk is one of the best exercises you can do, with just half an hour’s walk leading to improved fitness levels and weight loss. You can do that at ANY of our sites – alone or with friends and family.

To find out what’s happening where, browse our Discovery Gateways which offer parking, toilets and refreshment facilities.

Everything’s there – all you need to do is just get up and go!

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