VRP for wellbeing

Well, well, well

Wellbeing is the buzzword on everyone’s lips but what does it mean and why does it matter?

Feeling mentally, emotionally and physically well provides the foundation for a pleasant life. If any of these is off balance it can not only result in short term discomfort but it can lead to other complications in the future.

Getting out into nature has been shown to positively impact wellbeing, especially if you’re feeling low or lonely, and doctors are recommending ‘green prescriptions’ rather than medication more and more often.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, people have recognised that outdoor relaxation and having access to nature and green spaces play vital roles. People want to be outside more, in touch with nature more, to feel less isolated and more connected with others. Do you?

There has been a dramatic increase in group activities taking place in our parks and green spaces as people are keen to get together outdoors. And we’ve all realised how important it is to have a good work-life balance, with rest and play being equally as important as going to work or attending school.

The Valleys Regional Park and landscape can help you to not only maintain your overall wellbeing but help you thrive – even if you’re feeling shy, nervous or self-conscious about getting out and about. Choose from a range of activities including gentle pastimes such as painting, mindfulness, yoga and fishing, alone or with others in stunning locations from forests, to meadows, in parks and on lakes.

Check out the variety of things to do at the Discovery Gateways. Or browse Dewis Cymru to find like-minded people and groups to join.

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