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Valuing our valleys for future generations

We are fortunate to be surrounded by such magnificent countryside and it is the responsibility of all of us to keep it that way!

As residents of Valleys communities, we can ensure that the Valleys are there for future generations by educating our children and young people about the history of the area and the importance of protecting our natural environment. Shared learning like this from an early age is crucial, so that our children grow up taking pride in our Valleys and wanting to protect them.

On this page you’ll find a series of downloadable learning resources, for use at home, in school or in and around the Valleys Regional Park, to help educate children as they learn about the importance of caring for and protecting the Valleys (and all the people and places in them).

We’ll cover topics including:

  • the wildlife and natural habitat found in the region;
  • the history and legends of the region; and
  • the culture and communities of the region.

More resources will be added, so revisit every so often to see what’s new!

You can also sign up to have fun and discover more about nature and wildlife where you live!

  • Learn about nature through family bushcraft activities and for home-schooling
  • Nurture nature through community growing projects
  • Feel well by exercising outdoors
  • Protect the environment through hands on conservation

VRP Activity Sheets

Get involved today!

Learn more about the Valleys Regional Park Guardian Family activities programme by visiting our VRP Guardians page here. Or to arrange a school group browse the Discovery Gateways to contact the relevant country park or nature reserve you would like to visit.

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